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The education segment has always been one of our major focus areas in SmartGet. SmartEdMS is our star education management solution. We also have AhlaBeena, a children’s solution and e-learning magazine, which engages students and makes it more of a fun entertainment tool with an educational twist for all ages and not only for children.

“We are committed to spread knowledge to the whole world with a SmartGet twist”

Mobile apps and the web are giving education a new look and feel. Students of all ages are no longer required to go to a campus, sit in a classroom and listen to an instructor; mobile apps and the web have created anywhere, anytime learning opportunities for children and adults alike in both online and offline modes.

Our solutions also encourage and enable easy collaboration between students to allow and foster an early sense of teamwork amongst kids. They also provide an easy and accessible medium of communication between students, instructors and parents whenever needed.

Schools and universities are not the only entities that can make use of our e-schools and virtual colleges educational solutions, we cater for a wide range of users, including young school children, older students and corporate employees. We can create a range of interactive and engaging apps that leverage the power of mobile in education.