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With the emergence of the Internet of Things era, the health industry has undergone a major overhaul. Everything is now digitally monitored using wearables and sensors placed everywhere from a person’s wrist to their toilet bowl. Applications and software solutions are developed to collect all this information allowing early detection and prevention of many diseases. Moreover, hospitals are now becoming obsolete and soon patients will not be required to physically visit a hospital or a clinic except for intrusive surgeries, while all other forms of hands-off doctor visits will be done remotely via video conferencing thus improving the efficiency and productivity of doctors.

We, at SmartGet, provide the needed solutions to catch up with the digital health revolution. Whether you are a private clinic, a hospital, a pharmacy, or a medical insurance company, we have all you need to make your business ahead of competitors in the age of digital health.

Our SmartGet HealthCare solution allows medical insurance companies to provide their subscribers with a constantly updated database of physicians, hospitals and pharmacies that are covered within their network with ratings to determine the best doctors via a geographical search engine, so that users can find the best doctors in a specific field within a certain location or via GPS to find the closest health care provider in cases of emergencies.