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Software and Website Localization

Thanks to the internet, the whole world has become accessible and your business outreach has no limits now, so do not let language be a barrier for your end-users.

Research has shown that the lack of Arabic content on the world wide web is the number one reason for low internet penetration in the Arab world and our worker bees are committed to changing that by facilitating the creation of Arabic software applications and websites in addition to the localization and customization of existing software applications and websites.

We at SmartGet are specialists at localizing software and websites to and from all major languages used in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Africa and the Gulf including the conversion from left-to-right to right-to-left languages and vice versa.

With a team consisting of expert software developers and technical translators complemented by a team of quality assurance engineers, we guarantee your end-users a seamless and user-friendly interface that they can understand and interact in the language they prefer.

Our localization services include but are not limited to: