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Mobile Applications Development

Global statistics show that 1.2 billion smartphones were sold in 2014 and this goes to prove the importance and significance of creating software that targets this massively growing platform. End-users now instinctively expect that they can do anything from their phones/tablets and if your business does not provide for this basic need, you are already behind competition.

We, at SmartGet, are fully aware of this and consider our mobile applications development team our strongest asset. We have the skills and expertise to transform any of your software products and/or business websites/portals to a mobile application with better usability and response-time and thus significantly improving your users’ experience.

We develop mobile applications for all 4 major mobile operating systems; Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iOS with special consideration for all device sizes and all screen resolutions. With an extensive lineup of testing devices of all configurations and screen sizes/resolutions we will ensure your application is tested on many platforms to avoid any unexpected errors or distortions in the the user-interface.

Using agile methodologies and the latest coding techniques and standards we are able to develop native apps as well as cross platforms mobile applications on all 4 major mobile operating systems with the same core engine so that any changes can be made to all versions of your applications at once and to ensure easier and faster maintenance for all target platforms.

Combined with our localization services we can also ensure your mobile applications are offered in multiple languages including Arabic, English and French to target a broader range of end-users in all our major markets such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Africa and the Gulf region.

Our expertise in mobile applications includes but is not limited to: