We are the worker bees who will lead your hive to thrive


Founded in 2013, SmartGet brings a fresh vision into the information technology industry. A young professional software services and solutions provider aspiring to claim its rightful place amongst technology leaders through hard work, honesty and high quality products. Proudly providing outstanding services to our clients throughout the region; Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and North Africa.

SmartGet tailors software solutions to help Enterprises, Governments, Health Insurance firms, Educational establishments and Financial services providers automate their business processes, cut down on costs, work-hours and avoid regular human errors. Our software services extend to cover custom applications development, mobile app design, data migration, website and portal development services, salesforce & workflow automation solutions and web applications.

Providing clean, fast and up-to-date software solutions is what differentiates us from the herd. We are technology users just like our customers and we spare no effort in giving our clients the optimum user experience aligned with the highest functionality today’s technology can afford.

We are a smart hive of worker bees who aspire to give you the best of the best smart solutions out there.


Make software automation affordable and achievable for all. Smart technologies should be at the fingertips of all the people.


We are the worker bees who will lead your hive to thrive!


Client Satisfaction – We at SmartGet are truly committed to providing impeccable and competitive smart software solutions and services to our clients. To us, client satisfaction is knowing what the client wants, reading between the lines what the client really needs, then flawlessly delivering it and doing all that ON TIME!

Collaboration – Like bees, we work in teams, completing each other to exploit the unique strengths of individual worker bees, in order to ensure we deliver software services and solutions on time and in line with our clients’ expectations..

Innovation – We are not afraid to think outside the box and to try unprecedented approaches. We are also constantly eager to evolve and learn about all that is new and therefore we bring high levels of creativity and refinement in our smart solutions.