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Social Media

The past few years have witnessed a huge revolution in the fields of social media especially in the Arab world, specifically Egypt, Saudi Arabia and North Africa with the Arab Spring events being triggered over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter proving the power and impact on internet users all over the world.

Businesses then soon realized that they need to harness the power of these networks and a whole new field of digital marketing on social networks emerged. Today, it is vital for any business in any field to have social media presence to allow a cost-effective, fast and easy channel of communication with its clients and end-users.

The young and enthusiastic worker bees at SmartGet have a specific passion for social media and know exactly what it takes to attracts followers and fans. We will create a presence for you and establish the appropriate publishing strategy for your business, including clear and specific directions regarding the frequency and topics for your posts. We also offer full content management for your digital media presence and using our localization team, we can guarantee a multilingual social media presence for your business that is suitable for the market you are targeting.

Our social media services include but are not limited to: