You are guaranteed to have all your needs met at SmartGet!

Software Services

We, at SmartGet, are committed to raising the software development industry bar in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Africa and the Gulf by offering state-of-the-art software services to cater for all your technological needs. Whether you want to build a software ecosystem for your business from scratch or to augment and update an existing legacy system you have we are the right place to go.

Using adaptive and incremental development methodologies we can deliver software services for all platforms and on all operating systems that meet all your requirements at a fast-pace with top quality leaving room for expansion and changes whenever needed.

You can also come to us if you need to outsource the development of a part of your software services or IT staff due to lack of time, knowledge or expertise, as we develop modular software components that can easily interact and/or be plugged into your existing software solutions.

Moreover, the experienced worker bees at SmartGet can act as your trusted advisors for specialized consultancy services in the fields of design and branding, content-management and creation, search-engine-optimization and digital marketing.

With multiple teams focused on different areas such as desktop applications, website and portal development, mobile applications, website and software localization, quality assurance, social media, you are guaranteed to have all your needs met at SmartGet!